The Ministry of Industry and Trade has just issued a written request to Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) to urgently coordinate with investors of wind and solar power plants to forward agreements and agree on electricity prices under the direction of this agency in Document No. 107/BCT-ĐTĐL.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has comments on the method of determining electricity generation prices for power plants. Solar, wind power transition as follows:

  • Create conditions for economic sectors to invest in electricity development with reasonable profits. Ensuring the right to self-determine the purchase and sale prices of electricity in the price bracket and structure of electricity retail tariffs prescribed by the State of electricity buyers and sellers in the electricity market.
  • Stipulate: Electricity generation prices under fixed-term electricity purchase contracts, wholesale electricity prices agreed upon by electricity units, but must not exceed the approved electricity generation price bracket, the approved wholesale electricity price bracket.

On January 7, 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Decision No. 21/QD-BCT promulgating the new framework for electricity prices of transitional solar and wind power.


Accordingly, the ceiling price (the highest price) of the electricity generation price bracket (excluding value-added tax) applied to ground solar power plant is VND1,184.90/kWh, and floating solar power plant is VND1,508.27/kWh, for the inland wind power plant is VND1,587.12/kWh, sea wind power plant is VND1,815.95/kWh.

Based on this electricity price framework, EVN and the transitional solar and wind power generators specified in Circular No.15/2022/TT-BCT that they will discuss the official electricity prices.

Source: VIETNAM ENERGY_The Ministry of Industry and Trade requests EVN to urgently unify electricity prices with investors of wind and solar power transitions