On July 10, 2023, Vietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS) will receive the first LNG ship to dock at PV GAS Vung Tau Terminal.



The LNG Thi Vai Terminal project has been invested in and built by PV GAS since 2019, receiving LNG ships with a tonnage of up to 100,000 tons, with 180,000 m3 LNG storage tanks and leading and advanced technological equipment. best; with a warehouse capacity of 01 million tons of LNG/year in phase 1, and upgraded to 03 million tons of LNG/year in phase 2; ensure safe and efficient operation and meet Vietnamese and international standards and regulations. 



The import of LNG will strengthen PV GAS’ leading position in the green energy transition in Vietnam, and affirm PV GAS’s pioneering role in implementing national guidelines and strategies on energy security and commitment to accompany the Government to realize the commitment at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) with the goal of bringing net emissions to zero by 2050.


Source: PV Gas_PV GAS will receive the first LNG train to Vietnam