The outbreak of the epidemic in recent months has had a great impact on people’s daily life, upsetting the life order, seriously affecting people’s health and income. Lack of food and necessities, causing many difficulties for local people, and also affecting epidemic prevention and control.



Inspired by Vietnam Government Calls for sharing and helping locals during the Covid-19 prevention precaution campaign. In June 2021, Super Energy Group donated 100 million VND to Covid-19 Vaccine Prevention Fund of Soc Trang Province, support for epidemic prevention and control

Super Group hope to contribute a small part to Covid precaution campaign not only in Soc Trang Province but also the whole Vietnam, help repulse the disease soon and back to normal life. Only when the epidemic is over can people’s life be stable again. This is social responsibility of an enterprise as well as empathy, unity and help others get over the disease.