On 06/03/2023, Chairman of the Vietnam Federation of Commerce and Industry Pham Tan Tan received a Thai business delegation led by Mr. Sanan Angubokuk, Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand (BOT), and Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TTC) to visit Vietnam.


Joining the Thai delegation, there was Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh – Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Federation of Trade and Industry (VCCI), Chairman of the Business Council for Sustainable Development of Vietnam.

Accordingly, the two sides had exchanges on many areas to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries in general and trade connections between businesses of the two countries in general in the coming time.



Speaking at the meeting, VCCI Chairman Pham Tan Tan expressed his pleasure to welcome Thai Ambassador to Vietnam Nikorndej Balankura and Mr. Sanan Angubokuk, and a delegation of Thai business leaders who visited and worked with VCCI for the first time on their business trip to Vietnam.



During the visit and working with VCCI leaders this time, the Thai side wishes to continue implementing the plans for 2023. Mr. Sanan Angubokuk proposed that the two parties signed a joint MOU on the occasion of the President’s visit in 2022, which is a favorable time to implement and realize the goals set out in this MOU.

In addition, the Thai side also said that besides the activities of BOT and TCC, the Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association also works strongly and actively to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Thailand also pays great attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, training … In the near future, the Thai Chamber of Commerce will celebrate its 90th anniversary and looks forward to working more closely with VCCI.



On the basis of close cooperation between the two sides, the President of VCCI affirmed that VCCI is willing to cooperate with the BOT to promote trade relations between Vietnam and Thailand in the spirit of the signed MOU. Looking forward to continuing to receive economic and business information from Thailand and disseminate it to Vietnamese businesses.


Source: Business Forum Magazine_VCCI and BOT Thailand strengthen the connection in many fields between the Vietnamese and Thai business