On July 8, in Hanoi, MOIT chaired a meeting with 9 localities and related units about the 500kV line-circuit 3  project from Quang Trach to Pho Noi, contributing to ensuring electricity for the North of Vietnam.



According to the report of EVNNPT, the 500kV transmission line, circuit 3 consists of 4 component projects: the 500kV Quang Trach – Quynh Luu transmission line project with a length of 226 km; Quynh Luu – Thanh Hoa 500kV transmission line project with 2 circuits of 91km length; The project of 500kV transmission line Thanh Hoa – Nam Dinh 1 of 73km length; The 500kV Nam Dinh 1 – Pho Noi transmission line project of 123 km length.

When the 500kV transmission line- circuit 3 Quang Trach – Pho Noi project is put into operation, it will help improve the transmission capacity to about 5,000 MW (Currently, the transmission capacity of circuit 1 from the Central to the North is only about 2,200 MW).



Source: Vietnam Economy News_Urgently implementing the project of 500kV line circuit 3, ensuring operation in June 2024