The international consultation conference on national electricity development planning period 2021 – 2030, vision to 2050 (Draft of Power Master Plan VIII) was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on May 4, 2023 by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade.



Some notable contents of the Draft of Power Master Plan VIII: Prioritize the development, exploitation and efficient use of renewable energy sources for electricity production. Renewable energy (including hydroelectricity) will account for about 30.9% – 39.2% of electricity produced in 2030 and about 67.5% – 71.5% in 2050, specifically:

Coal power:

Only implementing projects already in Power Master Plan VII, starting from 2030 will not build new coal power plants. By 2050, coal power will no longer be used to supply the national grid. Proposing alternatives to replace coal power with other power sources such as wind power and biomass power.

Gas power:

Prioritize the development of gas-fired power projects that make maximum use of domestic gas sources. Orientation 2050, gradually switching to hydrogen, equivalent to 9.4% – 11.25% of total electricity production.

Solar power, wind power:

Identifying priorities for strongly developing onshore and offshore wind power. Priority is given to the unlimited development of rooftop solar power capacity and self-generating and self-consuming solar power. Solar power is implemented under the pilot DPPA direct electricity purchase and sale mechanism of about 1,000 MW.



Source: Petrotimes_Some notable contents in Draft of Power Master Plan VIII