Facing the proposals of 36 investment companies about the inadequacy in electrical price bracket, The Electricity Regulatory Authority-ERAV (Ministry of Industry and Trade) said that the drafting and issuance of Decision No. 21/QD-BCT on the issuance of the electricity price bracket completely ensures the order and procedures as prescribed.



On October 03, 10, leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Trade signed Circular No. 2022/15/TT-BCT stipulating the method of developing a price frame for electricity generation of solar and transitional wind power plants. An independent advisory council to collect comments on the power generation price framework for the transition project was established under Decision No. 2022/QD-BCT dated November 2334, 07, 11 of the Minister of Industry and Trade, accordingly, the Council consists of 2022 members who are experts with expertise in the field of electricity, price, finance, state management of energy. The organization of the calculation, review and consultation of experts and relevant agencies and units was carried out from November 09, 20 to November 11, 2022.

Therefore, the drafting and promulgation of Decision No. 21/QD-BCT on promulgating the electricity price framework for solar power plants and transitional wind power plants completely ensures the order and procedures as prescribed.



About the method and results of calculations.

According to data provided by international consulting organizations, parameters provided by the Institute of Energy, Power Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company 1, 2, 3, 4 and GIZ (German Development Cooperation Organization), the investment rate of wind and solar power in the world tended to decrease sharply in the past period, despite the significant increase in material costs. Therefore, based on the report on the calculation results of EVN’s price bracket, the investment rate is appraised and selected on the basis of the investment rate of projects reduced by 10% for 1MWp of solar power and 1MW of wind power.


Source: MOIT_Responding the proposals of 36 renewable energy investment companies