GIZ organization collaborated with consultants to conduct the study “Analysis of policy framework and proposal of action plan for recycling solar panel waste in Vietnam”.


The study presented international (specifically European) practices in solar panel waste management, assessed the legal framework for PV module waste stream projections in Vietnam, as well as such as analyzing and proposing recommendations on the legal framework of Vietnam.
Specifically, the study made 16 recommendations defining extended manufacturer liability (EPR) for solar modules and 12 recommendations to improve EPR regulation in Vietnam.

Experts recommend setting waste recovery goals across two phases: 2025 – 2050 and beyond 2050. An integral part of all EPR programs is the reuse of treated materials.  R&D programs that align with a focus on product design and material substitution can safely help enhance the sustainability of the solar industry.


Source: Vietnam Clean Energy Association_Proposed action plan for recycling photovoltaic panel waste