Within the framework of the forum “Investment Attraction Mechanism for Sustainable Development of Renewable Energy in Vietnam” organized by VCCI in conjunction with the Advisory Council on Science, Education and Environment of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee. The Organizing Committee announced the results of voting for typical renewable energy projects in 2021.


The organizing committee has selected 10 renewable energy projects that meet the criteria. The evaluation of projects is implemented in 6 steps related to technical, environmental, economic efficiency, policy and technical criteria. Especially the assessment through public opinion and media agencies to ensure the most comprehensive results.



Mr. Pham Tan Cong – Chairman of VCCI, Mr. Phung Khanh Tai – Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front awarded medals, certificates and flowers to the representative of Loc Ninh Solar Power Plant, under the Super Energy Corporation, entered the Top 10 typical renewable energy projects in Vietnam in 2021.