On May 4, the MOIT held an International Consultation Conference on national electricity development planning for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050 (Power Master Plan VIII), with the participation of more than 60 representatives national and international representation.


Power Master Plan VIII has been researched, developed in a methodical and scientific way, and consulted widely, including opinions from international partners, bilateral and multilateral financial institutions in the direction of gradually reduce dependence on fossil energy sources, focus on increasing the development of renewable energy sources such as hydropower, onshore and offshore wind power, solar power and biomass power… to reduce greenhouse gas emissions glasses.



The international representatives all praised Vietnam for its commitment to developing an industry for renewable energy, as well as a supply chain for new energy (green hydrogen and green ammonia). They also recommended that Vietnam soon approve the Power Master Plan VIII to attract investment in power production.


Source: Government News_International Organizations support Power Master Plan VIII