The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has just issued Decision No. 739/QD-BTNMT on the Ministry’s plan to implement the Scheme on tasks and solutions to implement the results of the 26th Conference of the Parties to the Convention. United Nations framework on climate change (COP 26).



About constructing and finishing mechanisms and policies

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will implement amendments to legal documents, including the contents of implementing Vietnam’s commitments at COP26; review and perfect mechanisms, policies and laws to implement commitments and international treaties on response to climate change.

About implementing solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The Ministry will carry out assessment of potentials and reserves of minerals for the production of energy batteries, energy storage, and applications in assembling environmentally friendly equipment and vehicles; survey, survey, and assess the overall potential of offshore wind and radiation energy in Vietnam’s seas for renewable energy development; testing technology of coal gasification, carbon recovery and burial in underground coal seams of the Red River basin; research and pilot implementation of solutions to capture and store carbon from major emission sources for a number of potential fields and regions; study and apply solid waste burial methods with gas recovery for power generation and semi-aerobic landfilling and biomass power generation.

About implementing solutions to adapt to climate change

The Ministry shall review and update the National Plan to adapt to climate change for the period of 2021 – 2030, with a vision to 2050; develop and implement tasks to implement the United Nations’ initiative on “Decade of Ecosystem Restoration”.

About scientific research, capacity building, communication

The Ministry will synthesize, identify and organize the implementation of scientific and technological research tasks to achieve the goal of achieving “zero” net emissions by 2050.

About monitoring and evaluation

The Ministry will organize the inspection and supervision of greenhouse gas emission reduction activities of greenhouse gas-emitting facilities that must carry out greenhouse gas inventories under the management of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment according to regulations. determined…
According to the plan, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment assigns responsibilities to affiliated units to implement and ensure the quality and progress of the Plan. The list of priority tasks for implementation of the Plan is issued together with the Decision.