In accordance with the Power Development Plan VIII, Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) is making efforts to implement 14 power generation projects and numerous electricity grid projects during the period of 2021-2030.

In addition, EVN and its member units also propose to implement power source projects in the period of 2030 such as: Expansion of existing hydropower plants managed by EVN and its member units, wind power projects, etc. hydroelectricity, solar power floating on hydroelectric reservoirs.



Specifically, among the 14 ongoing electricity projects being implemented by EVN, there are key projects such as: Quang Trach 1, Quang Trach 2, Hoa Binh hydropower expansion,…Regarding the power grid, EVN needs to complete 950 projects, of which, from 2012 to early 2023, the Group and its member units have completed electrification for 116 projects. Currently, EVN and its member units are assigned to invest in 449 power grid projects.

At a recent working session on the implementation of Electricity Development Plan VIII, specialized departments, unit leaders, and EVN contributed opinions and solutions for the Group to have specific and detailed plans to effectively implement Electricity Development Plan VIII.


Source: Government News_EVN is making efforts to implement power generation projects according to the PDP VIII