On August 19, The Southern Power Works Project Management Board (SPMB) coordinated with relevant units to successfully energize the 500/220kV communication transformer at the Long Phu 500/220kV distribution ground and other transmission lines: 500kV and 220kV are connected to the distribution yard.



This is a special grade energy project, group B. The installation location of the 500/220kV AT1 communication transformer at the vacant land has been reserved in the existing 500/220kV Long Phu distribution yard, in Long Duc commune. , Long Phu district, Soc Trang province.

The completion of the project helps to receive the generating capacity of solar power plants and wind power plants in the Mekong Delta region to the national 500kV grid; ensuring a stable regional network connection to supply electricity to the loads in the key economic region of the Southwest region, supporting flexible operation and efficient exploitation of the power system in the South.


Source: Vietnam Economic News_Energizing the project Installing a 500/220kV transformer in Long Phu