At the seminar “Mechanisms, policies, solutions, ensuring sustainable energy development with a vision to 2050”. Many domestic and foreign experts and investors said that it is necessary to have a breakthrough policy mechanism to complete energy projects according to the approved planning.



Comments Power planning VIII has made many progress, but representatives of associations and businesses expressed concern about the feasibility of effective implementation as well as ensuring the progress of projects. Some of the main reasons why many slow-moving energy projects in Power Master Plan VII are unstable fuel supply, legal problems, difficult capital mobilization for projects that need large resources…

For offshore wind power projects, the construction investment period is from 6 to 8 years. Therefore, it is necessary to have a bidding mechanism to invest in these projects, select contractors with sufficient capacity in terms of capital – finance, technical staff, leading to reduced costs, quality assurance, and on schedule.


Source: Business Forum Magazine_Completely solve problems, ensure sustainable power supply