For the proposed to expand the scope of self-consumption rooftop solar power installation for other projects such as: School, hospital, industrial park, hotel. the Ministry of Industry and Trade has responded that this mechanism only applies to rooftop solar power installed in houses and offices. The subject expansion will be studied in future regulations.



According to the approved Power Plan VIII, by 2030, 50% of office buildings and 50% of residential houses will use self-consumed and self-sufficient rooftop solar power. This plan also mentions the need for priority plans and breakthrough policies to promote the development of rooftop solar power for people, especially in areas at risk of power shortage.

Commenting that the proposed mechanism is still general and not attractive to investment, the Ministry of Planning and Investment proposed and clarified the exemption or reduction of specific taxes and fees for investors.


Source: VnExpress_Encourage rooftop solar electricity just for personal usage at home and at business