By the end of March 31, only 6 applications had been submitted to the Power Trading Company (EPTC) by transition energy project investors, but not yet qualified to enter the negotiation round of the purchase and sale contract. electricity.



According to the proposal of EVN, at the stage of PPA negotiation and signing, the investor must have at least planning documents; decide on investment policy; results of appraisal of the feasibility study report/basic design of the competent state agency, deciding on the project investment.

At the stage of commercial operation recognition (COD), the investor will have to comply with the sample PPA regulations issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

As for the stage of putting the work into operation, the investor will have to have documents on land allocation/land lease; conversion of forest use purposes (if any); technical design appraisal results of state management agencies, written approval of test and acceptance results…

Source: Investment News_Challenges for transition energy projects