At the consultation workshop on the overall assessment of green hydrogen production from solar and wind energy sources and the potential for use in Vietnam. Green hydrogen and its derivatives are of great interest to the world and are expected to play an increasingly important role in the energy transition to reduce emissions of polluting gases and CO2… of industrial production.



According to research results from the Energy Institute (from the calculation of green hydrogen demand) shows that the demand for green hydrogen for economic development is huge. However, currently, the production and application technology of Green Hydrogen is not complete and there is still a lot of space to develop, so the demand for Green Hydrogen will change depending on the development of production, storage, use and distribution technology…



Also at the workshop, Mr. Le Viet Cuong – Deputy Director of the Institute of Energy emphasized that Vietnam has committed to the international community to strive for the goal of ensuring that the earth’s temperature rises by no more than 1.5oC at COP21, reducing the country’s net carbon emissions to zero by 0 at COP2050.

This commitment is agreed upon in the Party’s guidelines and the State’s legal policies through the contents of resolutions, laws, strategies, master plans and plans.

Source: MOIT_Assessing the potential of green hydrogen production in Vietnam