The Trade Promotion Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade) organized a seminar on “Application and development of Hydrogen technology in green energy transformation” on March 7 in Da Nang city in collaboration with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, ASEAN Center – Japan, and the Vietnam Trade Office in Japan.


Through the workshop, state management agencies, investors and experts, enterprises will gain an overall perspective on the role of green hydrogen, helping the process of developing and implementing effective mechanisms and policies, thereby supporting application development, producing green hydrogen for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and accelerating the clean energy transition in Vietnam.



The production and consumption of hydrogen in Vietnam is facing many challenges. It is electrolysis technology with large investment costs, high operating and maintenance costs; Lack of legal corridors governing the hydrogen sector such as standards, regulations, safety regulations …; there is no Green Hydrogen certification mechanism yet; Lack of systems for hydrogen infrastructure and supply chain development in particular; and the challenge of renewable energy sources for hydrogen production.

If it can overcome the challenges and produce hydrogen, Vietnam will have many opportunities as there is already an existing market for green hydrogen output such as production of ammonia, steel, fertilizers, chemicals, and petrochemicals instead of gray hydrogen (hydrogen produced from natural gas, coal) in the country; has great potential for future use for decarbonization in the transportation sector. Using hydrogen will reduce the discontinuity of renewable energy sources through long-term storage. And the production of hydrogen (with competitive prices) has the opportunity to export to major economies in the Asia-Pacific region.


Source: MOIT_Assessing the potential of green hydrogen production in Vietnam.