As of 5:30 p.m. on June 2, 65/85 transitional renewable energy projects with a total capacity of 3643,861MW have submitted documents to negotiate electricity prices and power purchase agreement (PPA).

Of which, 56 projects (total capacity 3087,661MW) have proposed temporary prices equal to 50% of the ceiling price of the price bracket.  EVN and the investor have completed price negotiation and initialed PPA contracts with 51/56 projects; in which the MOIT has approved temporary prices for 40 projects.



In addition, there are 10 projects that have submitted documents for recognition of commercial operation date (COD), of which 9 projects/parts of projects with a total capacity of 472.62MW have completed COD procedures and are officially generating to the grid.


Source: VietnamPlus_Approved temporary prices for 40 transitional renewable energy projects