Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has just issued a document for Electric Power Trading Company (EPTC) to urgently work with investors to agree on a number of principles, in order to set a temporary price for several transitional wind and solar power project investors.


For transitional renewable energy projects whose electricity price review results are greater than 50% of the ceiling price of the electricity generation price bracket specified in Decision No. 21 (the ceiling price of transitional solar power is 1,185-1,508 VND/kWh, wind power 1,587-1,816 VND/kWh), but the investor agrees to apply a temporary maximum price equal to 50% of the above ceiling price, EVN requested EPTC to urgently negotiate and agree to apply the temporary price on for the project, until the two parties agree on the official electricity price.



In addition, EVN also requested the EPTC to review and sign a minutes with the investor of transitional renewable energy projects in detail the missing legal procedures and supplement provisions on completing legal procedures, conditions for the contract to amend and supplement the power purchase agreement to take effect…

At the same time, EPTC must also urgently negotiate the official electricity price of transitional renewable projects under the direction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and EVN.
The above tasks must be reported to EVN before May 5, 2023, for EVN to report to EVN’s member council and the Ministry of Industry and Trade for consideration and direction.