According to The Deputy of MOIT, by the afternoon of May 26, 52 out of 85 solar and wind power plants with a combined capacity of 3,155 MW (or 67% of the total) had submitted documents to EVN. In which, 42 plants are negotiating electricity prices with EVN; 36 plants proposed temporary electricity prices equal to 50% of the price bracket as a basis for mobilizing.

In which, 5 plants have all documents and are eligible for connection. The total capacity of 5 projects is 351MW and will be connected and put into operation in the next few days.



There are still 33 power plants with a total capacity of 1,581 MW that have not been submitted for negotiation (accounting for about 33%). Besides, there are many investors who violate the legal regulations on planning, land, construction investment…so they have not met the legal procedures,  cannot negotiate the price with EVN.


Source: VTC News_5 renewable energy plants are about to be connected to the grid