At the 3rd Vietnam Clean Energy Forum held on May 12, many representatives of ministries, agencies and delegates proposed many solutions to strongly develop onshore and offshore wind power and develop gas-fired thermal power using domestic gas to gradually replace coal-fired power, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



Attract more private sector to energy infrastructure development

Within the framework of the Forum, the delegates focused on discussing and giving opinions on the forecast of electricity demand and how the role, structure and proportion of gas and wind power is reasonable in the draft of Master Plan VIII and to fulfill commitments at COP26; solutions to ensure the development of wind power and gas power infrastructure in Vietnam; Ensuring supply chain for wind and gas power production (domestic and imported); investment capital, land use, marine space, socio-economic efficiency; difficulties, problems and solutions for current wind power and gas power projects…

The delegates raised legal problems, as well as barriers and challenges in deploying LNG and wind power infrastructure development, showing that there are still many issues to be resolved in the coming time.

The discussion of the delegates also raised the important role and characteristics of clean power sources and renewable energy; capacity and experience of Vietnamese and international enterprises when participating in the supply chain of gas and wind power sources and necessary technical infrastructure.



Source: MOIT_3rd Vietnam Clean Energy Forum: Gas and wind power infrastructure development