“Light up your dreams” is a scholarship fund  established by Super Corporation Vietnam with  an aim to help underprivileged students  living in remote area.  In July 2020, “Light up your dreams” Fund sponsored scholarships of 30 million VND to disadvantaged students in Phu Yen Province, which include An Hiep Primary School, An Hiep Junior High School and An Tho Elementary School



Same like many other countries, schools in marginalized areas in Vietnam face the investment needs in the country, Super Energy Vietnam understood the situation and therefore wanted to give a helping hand to those students in order to improve their situation while they make their academic progress. Beyond the monetary, these grants have value well in encouraging the pursuit of education and our way at Super Energy Vietnam to give back to the community



This is the first year of “Light up your dreams” program, Super Corporation Vietnam hope for further collaborations with the schools in the coming years to provide better learning conditions for students, and encourage our children to  keep learning and moving forward to become model citizen that contribute to country’s development.