We are living in a world with many environmental challenges, causing people’s lives to be exposed to the risks of environmental pollution, resources depletion in the future and dangers from climate change.  Action against environmental issues is one of the priorities that many countries assigned to; and must start with the smallest and most practical actions ranging from the individual, community, and nation levels, to raise awareness of environmental problems around the world and make necessary changes to minimize future damage.



Education in environmental conservation for students at the very beginning will help raise awareness of the environment and resources protection. Additionally, it is an opportunity to spark a passion in students that will drive them to do their part to take care of the Earth.



On occasion of Earth Day this year, Super Energy Vietnam has teamed up with Vinh Trach Dong Community Youth Union in Bac Lieu Province and organized the painting contest on April 27, 2021, for all students in Ngo Quyen Middle School in order to raise awareness of the environmental conservation. The activities were well attended with great enthusiasm by all students, brought joy to their day and full of smiles. In addition, we have set up the “O Coin” booth at the school campus with a desire to bring t-shirts and toys to disadvantaged students while raising awareness of environmental conservation.

This meaningful activity aims to convey a positive attitude toward environment protection and to maintain a clean and beautiful environment for the students – because a green future is a prosperous future.