With rapid economic development as well as responding to calls using renewable energy sources from the Government to reduce pressure on the national grid, Super Energy Corporation (Super) has cooperated with C.P Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company in using clean electricity through the installation of the Rooftop Solar Power system at the factory of C.P Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company – Dong Nai Branch. The amount of electricity generated by the system will be used for the plant’s production purposes.
Being an enterprise that always responds positive poliies and orientations of the State in creating more clean energy source in order to contribute to reducing the pressure of electricity supply to the electricity industry, Super Energy Corporation has started the construction of the installation of solar rooftop systems at C.P Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company – Dong Nai Branch with available assets as the factory system with an area of 10,000m2 since December 2020 and basically completed with a total of 2,218 solar panels and a capacity of each panel up to 450Wp/panel. It is estimated that this project will contribute at least 1.45 million kWh / year for the national grid, which is equivalent to reducing 306 tons of passenger car emissions, reduced more than 180 million tons of charged phones and eliminated more than 60 thousand tons of waste in a year.
With developed orientation in the green energy field, Super Energy Corporation and C.P Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company hope to positive contribute to environmental protection and ensure local socio-economic development goals.
Super Energy Vietnam